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The Gap Analysis Model |[pic] |The “Gap Analysis Model” is a simple yet powerful visual tool to help clarify objectives, current realities, and action steps. The model has application to a wide | | |variety of personal and organizational situations, and can easily be used with students as well. As you examine the model, be sure to follow the section numbers and | | |start on the right side with the “ideal situation.” | Leadership Gap Analysis: 3.1 Equity…show more content…
▪ Transition and support programs are nonexistent. 1) IDEAL SITUATION This section contains a detailed description of the intended benchmark, result, or outcome. The development of the descriptors for this section provides an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to work together to set a vision for the organization. EXAMPLE: Central High School is a place where 9th grade students are well supported in their transition to high school. 3) CLOSING THE “GAP” IDEAL SITUATION School decision-making bodies and leaders reflect the racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic differences of the community. The school recruits, retains, and develops staff from diverse backgrounds at all levels. Sample Strategies: ▪ School decision-making bodies actively recruit and develop representatives who reflect the diversity of the school community. ▪ Specific attention is given to hearing the voice of teachers who look like the students they teach ▪ Teacher leader positions are shared by staff from different backgrounds and with different perspectives. ▪ Hiring practices are strategically inclusive and aggressively seek to attract staff of color. 2) CURRENT SITUATION 3) CLOSING THE “GAP” IDEAL SITUATION Decision-making authority and influence are spread throughout the school. Leaders know the demographics of their schools and

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