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SWOT and competition analysis Brand identity and position Target market Core/target consumer Product and price categories Distribution How the brand adapt from its origin to the Chinese marketing and how did the company leverage its brand equity SWOT analysis Strength 1. Strong marketing team and mature digital marketing Internet stores connect well with stores, you can change your clothes in stores no matter which way you buy it(internet or go to the store) 2. American casual style and has abundant products which is suitable for all age. 3. Humanism service such as help customer modifies the size, only UNIQLO and gap produce this service. 4. Good reputation When we talked about gap, most of Chinese always think that is a fashion…show more content…
GAP Marketing Department Manager said that gap wants to use simple style to create different styles belong to different people. The style of GAP is fresh and relax, although in recent years gap misses a lot of consumers, they still won a lot of loyal consumers because of simple design, high quality fabric and all-match Version (especially the pants). Compared with other fast fashion brands, we could find a lot of problems which will restrict the development of gap, such as long lead time, quantity of stores and the price. Luckily, We can find similar with UNIQLO, most of products in gap are very basic, so they don’t have to be as fast as ZARA or H&M. Whereas, UNIQLO did much better than gap in China. UNIQLO came into China in 2002, 8 years longer than gap and has 335 stores. Another important thing is the price UNIQLO, H&M, ZARA and other fast fashion brands are growing so fast, influenced by these brands, consumers’ demand for lower price are increasing. Generally, It’s difficult for gap to compare with other brand Products and price Categories T-shirt 120-150 Gap’s branding is the jeans at first relax, free, humanism, youthful, spirit, simple 2.

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