Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing

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Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing is an organization who produces plastics for a global market. The company employs roughly 550 people and has projected annual earnings of approximately $46 million. The production operation is split up amongst two manufacturing plants domestically and the organization has one factory overseas. The research and development facility is located at the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. A majority of Riordan's revenues are generated from customers in industries including automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers and bottlers, and appliance manufacturers. Riordan has seen declining sales and uneven profits in the last couple of years that has forced management to consider making several strategic changes. Management has identified one possible solution as being the integration of a customer-relationship management (CRM) system. Management believes that this solution will improve sales and help the company return to a path of profitability. Customers will now have access to an entire sales team rather than be dependent on single salespeople. Furthermore, each team will be focusing on a particular customer segment which will allow them to grow their expertise in that area. Teams include a sales person, product engineering specialist, and customer service representatives. These specialist teams would not have been possible without the support of a

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