Gap Analysis : Student Engagement With Technology

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Gap Analysis: Student Engagement with Technology in U.S. Public Schools
The practical application of technological tools in public schools across the United States has accumulated an excessive amount of both issues and benefits. The particular amount of funds spent on technological tools was prompted by a thought that children will be able to explore, evaluate and assess information much faster, effectively and positively due to the fact that technological advancement is evident on a global scale. This particular analysis will determine the learning gap that exists as a result of students’ lack of engagement with technology in public K-12 schools across the United States. It is no secret that technology plays a critical role in our society. In fact, it has become one of the most used items in the world, starting from personal computers and ending in smartphones, thus it was only a matter of time when educational institutions would start to utilize these gadgets in order to improve the overall state of current education. According to a U.S Department of Education (UDE, n.d) report, all 48 states, including the District of Columbia are now offering online education. Additionally, the report states that these schools operate on all kinds of scales, including state scale, district scale and charter scale, thus it would safe to assume that the whole state of current education in the United States is large and the whole approach is clearly technology based. However, despite the…
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