Gap Between Education And Education

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In the last 20 years or so, Latin American countries have improved their educational systems in ways that change educational fads worldwide; the governments have worked to improve their commitment towards education. There are variant forms from country to country in terms of reforms and achievements. These variant forms in educational advancement are shown in indicators on each of the many educational ranks. Even though, the region as a whole has had several other important successes. Including the widening of access to education at all ranks throughout the region, especially to those in elementary schools. Widening access to education is the solution to reducing the large amount of poverty and social inequality in the countries of the…show more content…
Poor children have less access to schooling and have fewer opportunities to develop the necessary skills to gain from schooling than non-poor children. The wealthy and upper middle social classes gain disproportionately from the best educational services in the region. Improving the quality of basic education for the poor, extending the coverage of early childhood education, and expanding access to upper-secondary and higher education are helpful to reducing inequalities within Latin American countries and to reducing disparities in educational outcomes between the region and elsewhere. Rural populations compare unfavorably with their urban counterparts on key social indicators, including those related to education. In Latin America, illiteracy is two to six times higher in rural than urban areas. Rural poverty and related characteristics, such as geographical isolation and the need to use children as domestic labor, severely limit the time children have to prepare for school, if they get to go at all. It also makes them more tired and less receptive when they do actually manage to attend school, which inhibits their ability to learn.
Limited access to basic services is furthered by generally low educational attainment of women in rural areas. High illiteracy rates are strongly correlated with high fertility rates, poor interaction between children and their caregivers, and high child mortality rates. The outcome, rural children suffer from educational
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