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GAP Inc Table of Contents
Abstract 4
Introduction: 5
Background of the company: 6
Objectives: 6
Mission and vision statement: 6
Industry analysis: 7
Porter’s Five Forces analysis: 8
Competition: 8
Treat of new entry: 8
Threat of substitutes: 9
Power of suppliers: 9
Power of buyers: 9
Environmental Analysis: 10
Social - Cultural: 10
Economic: 10
Legal/Political: 11
Technology: 11
Industry Structure: 12
Competitors: 12
Economics strategy adopted by Gap inc. to improve it’s profits: 13
Marketing strategy: 13
Segment Information: 14
Economic performance of Gap inc. in the past 3 years: 15
Financial analysis: 15
References 17
Appendix: 18
Income Statement (In USD) 18
Balance Sheet: 19

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He aided Gap to introduce its own labels. In 1983, it acquired Banana Republic which was a safari-themed clothes retailer. By 1990, Gap was very successful with a net income more than 824.5 millions. The other major acquisition was in 1994 when Gap added to its portfolio Old Navy followed by the inclusion of in 2006. In between, Gap has also included some small brand from the industry. All these different brands give to Gap inc. a huge step in becoming a leader in apparel industry with more diversified products lines(
Mission and vision statement:
‘At Gap Inc. we never stop moving. It takes thousands of passionate, dedicated and talented employees around the world to deliver the merchandise and shopping experience our customers expect and deserve.’
‘Gap, Inc. is a brand-builder. We create emotional connections with customers around the world through inspiring product design, unique store experiences, and compelling marketing.’
Basically, what they want to say in these statements is that Gap inc. aims to simplify for customer and help them to express their personal style throughout their everyday life. More than 165,000 passionate and talented employees from all over the world work to bring this purpose to customer’s life. Across the company, key values such as integrity, respect, open-mindedness, quality and balance guide employees to their success in doing business in a socially responsible way.
At the end of every year,

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