Gap Inc Swot Analysis

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Introduction / History
Gap Inc. was inspired by the struggle of a married couple Donald Fisher and his wife Doris Fisher, who together raised $63,000 to open their own store in San Francisco’s Ocean Avenue. They sold primarily Levi’s jeans and LP records, the records were sold to attract young people into the store. With the stores gained popularity it earned $2 million in its second year of operation. With all the success of their first store they opened their second store in San Jose in 1970 following the opening of their headquarters in Burgling in 1971. The company grew, establishing over 25 locations by 1973, selling private-labels and even an East Coast location. Growing over the following two decades, Gap evolved into a more upscale
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 At the beginning of 2017 the retail industry was not having the best fiscal year, the apparel sector. Gap was able to remain above the downward fiscal trend, that most other retailers were facing. The firm was able to plan, prepare and execute, to finish the year strong.
 Gap has come into controversy amongst their consumers over an ad campaign featuring a little boy and a little girl. Some felt that the ad did not depict equal right between men and women. The labels they had for the children to spark the concern was “the little scholar” for the boy and “the social butterfly” for the girl.
 The LGBT community is strongly supported by Gap Inc., by donating 30% of profits from Gap brands “Pride” t-shirts to the UN Foundation to benefit Free & Equal.
 Gap has invested in the use of technology with an online fashion application. The app has the ability to preview clothing in real time, a function so far not used by competitors. It is however limited to some features such as the dressing room and the type of items you can preview on yourself.
 Gap has also been innovative in their technology by putting in place an in store app feature faster self-checkout.

 Gap has been in question about low wages in their Bangladesh factories. Protest have occurred in early 2017, and

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