Gap Model

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Gaps Model of Service Quality
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Executive Summary 3

Customer Gap 4 Example of Customer Gap 4
Listening Gap 5 Example of Listening Gap 6
Standard Design And Standard Gap 7 Example of Design and Standard Gap 8
Service Performance Gap 9 Example of Service Performance Gap 10
Communication Gap 11 Example of Communication Gap 12
Closing Gap 12

Diagram of Gap Model of Service Quality 13

Bibliography 14 Customers realize that the current system is not flawless. Companies see that providing better service quality will create and obtain the customers loyalty, continuation of business and enhance the quality of the organization. Service quality is suppose to be consistent, reliable and accountable
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They had great deals that did not break our pockets and they did not rush us. Overall the experience was exceptional and we now make it our weekly dinner stop. Applebee’s staff changed my feelings about their restaurant. The manager devoted their time to us, and proved that the company understands the customer’s expectations as well as their perceptions of service quality.

Listening Gap

Gap 1 also known as the Listening Gap is the difference between the customers expectations of service and the companies understanding of the customers expectations. As stated in the customer gap another cause for this gap is because a firm is not meeting the expectations of the customers or the firm is faulted for not knowing what these unique expectations are. This again can be because the managers lack direct communication with the customer or even because they are not prepared to address the situations at hand. This is a problem because upper management or whomever is in charge can start a bad pattern of bad decision making which initially will provide bad quality service to the customers. There are four key factors that are responsible for the gap in provider gap one which includes inadequate marketing research orientation, lack of upward communication, insufficient relationship focus and inadequate service

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