Gap Model of Service Marketing

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In a competitive market, a business’s main purpose is to create value for customers, because it is basically the consumer who essentially determines what a business is, even the future success of a business (Karl, 2009). For service marketing, which is the form of marketing focuses on processes deeds and performances, service quality is only way for customers to evaluate their experiences (Susamoo, 2012). Hence, the service quality is one of the most important factors that any service organisation should face.

Service quality can be defined as ‘a customers ' perception of how well a service meets or exceeds their expectations’ (Seth, Deshmukh & Vrat, 2005). However, many consumers are short of the knowledge to evaluate
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To close the gap between the customer’s expectation and business’s perception of service delivery, managers require a set of comprehensive marketing research and adequate upward communication with their customers and employees. For solving this problem, Ritz-Carlton Hotel establishes its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for improving service quality. The information of registered customers in CRM can help Ritz-Carlton Hotel to customize client’s accommodation experience based on customer’s lifestyle and preference (Delio, 2000). Therefore, for closing knowledge gap and improving service quality, manager should know what customer really want.

Design and Standard Gap
Design and Standard Gap is the gap between provider’s perception and customer-driven service designs and standards. It may arise when companies are difficultly translating customer expectation into service quality specification. The reasons of this gap occurs can include poor service design, lack of quality specification and failure of maintaining and updating servicescape (Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler, 2006).

Presently in Taiwan, the tourism sector encourages local farmers to develop their rural tourism in order to attract mainland visitors. Therefore, the number of agents were founded in the last two years. Nevertheless, many agents are not registered with Taiwanese tourism sector,

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