Gap Year Advantages

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Gaining experience is essential which lead one to improve in daily life and professional life. A gap year is a new phenomenon which is recently very popular among young people. In the past, people would not be able to take a gap year, and they had to continue their study non-stope in order to obtain their desired degree. Having a gap in between their study would cause significant damage to a future profession, but nowadays the tradition of studying straight forwards is abolished, and no one considers a gap year as a problem. Many schools and colleagues offer the gap year to their student and encourage them to take a year off of school. Martha Merrill said once “It’s reached the point where a lot of us in admissions are talking about ways to get students to just kind of relax [between high school and college]. A gap year can have many advantages such as, determination of future profession, appreciation of higher education and accelerating maturity.
A gap year can be significantly help students to determine their future job. Having a dream job is common among students who are ambitious and willing to work hard to gain what they deserve. But reality and dream are far away of each other. The wrong perception of dream job can lead to a disaster. A year is a sufficient time for a student to research on their dream job by talking with people who work in that field or surfacing on the internet and gathering information. For instance, one of my friend who wanted to become an
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