Essay on Gap Year vs Going Straight to College

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Taking a gap year might be a personal consideration but in the end, is it really worth it? A gap year is when students take a year off after high school and don't go straight to college. During the gap year, people usually travel, works, or do something to promote their time off from education. Not many people consider taking a gap year no matter how effective it might be. A gap year allows one to be independent. It allows people to learn about themselves and what they want to do in their life. Gap year allows one to add to their resume. You can see the world and get new life experiences, which is an untradeable prize. On the other hand, going straight to college can have its advantages. Going right into college can give one a head start …show more content…

However, gap year is not as fantastic as it might seem. Gap year can make a student lose their flow of things. They will not be so willing to study as they don’t want to go back to the stress and rigor of academic life. It takes the student away from classroom experience. Gap year means that the student will lose a year of learning, of education. It makes you fall further behind your peers; this can put you at a disadvantage particularly if one is going to med school or law school. Additionally some gap years can be expensive especially if one is traveling. This could make college harder to afford. All in all gap year has its pros and cons, but it’s in the will of the student to say how fit it is for them. Many students take this approach: they go straight to college; a lot consider this the safe approach. A large number of students then are about the same age and have the same understanding of life and where they might want to take it. Going to college after high school can help students finish their education and career earlier than others. Students will be in the mode to study and learn. College offers training toward a career, as well as a great education. Plus, studying abroad is available if a student feels as if they need to travel. Nevertheless there are a couple of disadvantages of going straight to college. You won’t be able to discover the world, discover yourself.

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