Gaps & Challenges to the Development of the Learning Organizations

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The success of an organization depends on the culture within the organization. Many businesses are finding success in developing learning organizations. Some organizations have challenges in creating a learning organization, which often leads to failure of the company. Two common barriers in developing a learning organization are leadership support and lack of a learning structure. Learning organizations are successful in all aspects of the business. A learning organization provide staff with the opportunities to gain knowledge, they accelerate learning curves and adopt new technologies more quickly. By creating a learning environment, employees become empowered, which leads to innovation. Innovation is what drives the business to…show more content…
"Leaders learn the counterproductiveness of trying to dictate a vision, no matter how heartfelt"(Senge, 2006) Pg. 20 Without a genuine vision, employees do not have a common identity and a sense of destiny. "Building a shared vision must be seen as a central element of the daily work leaders" (Senge, 2006) .Pg 199
Learning Structure
A second barrier to creating a learning organization is the lack of a learning structure. Many organizations consist of separate businesses units, which limit collaboration and communication across the company. Collaboration as well is communication is critical for a developing learning organization. By having separate businesses within an organization often limits the knowledge sharing. Since each business has their own vision, there is often conflict among businesses including internal competition.
In addition, organizational flexibility and resistance change inhibits the learning structure.
Inadequate performance is often caused by lack of tools, equipment, authority to perform as desired, and other obstacles, rather than by worker's lack of requisite skills and knowledge. Just as often they do not perform as expected because they are punished if they do, rewarded if they do not, or ignored regardless of the quality of performance" (Biech, 2008) Pg.173
Employee support for learning is another problem within organizations. The concept of lifelong learning is not supported by the company. Some people lack
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