Gaps Model Of Service Quality

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Aaron Klinger, MD (Chief Resident, Medicine)
Gaps Model of Service Quality Dr. Klinger, the Chief Resident at the Metro Hospital, just bought a house and is expecting a baby soon. His most difficult patient is his moody pregnant wife. He is also teaching rounds to resident doctors at the hospital. Dr. Klinger was aware of patient non verbal cues and appeal to the emotional needs of the pregnant patient, Lila Gonzales. This behavior closes the listening gap. Gaining trust is important to patient care, patients are more likely to open up to providers if they know that they are not going to be judged. When Mr. Collins, patient with alcohol withdrawal, had some concerns about his work, Dr. Klinger used honest and compassion to create open communication instead of being blunt. He also listened to Mr. Collins’ complaints and guilt-ridden admissions. This closes the listening gap. He learned to recognize his individual patient’s needs. Clearly there is a service design gap at the Metro Hospital because Dr. Klinger does not even have time to sit down and eat. Metro Hospital should hire more physicians to meet the demand of the patients. Before performing a lumbar puncture, Dr. Klinger rush through the explanation using terms the patients cannot understand. His busy schedule has affected his service delivery and performance negatively.
Dimensions of Quality
During Klinger could not remember the name of the nurse because she was not wearing any name tags. It is important for

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