Gaps between Manufacturer and Consumer Priorities

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Gaps between Manufacturer and Consumer Priorities Study provides insights about the ways manufacturers and consumers think and feel about the products they manufacture, sell, purchase and use, including supply chain issues and human health concerns, critical gaps between manufacturer and consumer priorities emerged. Moreover, It found that while fundamentals such as quality, safety and innovation remain the most important factors driving behavior for manufacturers and consumers, a number of priorities such as transparency, health impact and outsourcing/country of origin are on the rise. “The Product Mindset is the only global study of its kind and is an important tool for our customers, Our research provides insight into what we believe is a tremendous opportunity for businesses in the coming years. For example, in better understanding gaps in priorities, manufacturers can find out innovative ways to keep consumers in a dialogue just about how their products are made and sourced to grant greater peace of mind.” Misalignment is taking place between the two stakeholder groups in what is expected or preferred and what is being delivered. Reviewing these gaps helps to identify opportunities for manufacturers to optimize their focus to better address consumer concerns. While there were ten critical gaps pointed out, only some were noteworthy: • Product quality dominates. While several issues play a vital role with manufacturers, it is obvious from the data that product quality

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