Garcia Girls Sofia

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Sofia's defiance of her father's overprotective nature.

Sofia was sent to the Dominican Republic as a punishment for using marijuana, though she ended up getting into more trouble by spending time without a chaperone with her illegitimate cousin, Manuel.

Sofia planned to reconcile with her father during a birthday party. She broke tradition, in that the daughters would usually come home for their father's birthday, but she hosts the party at her house to show off her German husband and two blond children. She and her father had fought when he accused her of sleeping around during a trip to Colombia, where she met her husband, Otto. She ran away from home to assert her independence, and later married Otto. Though the party was going
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She smoothes over Sofia's betrayal of the family, her running away and fighting with her father, by calling it lucky that she ended up with such a loving husband and a beautiful blonde baby. Her story about the thieves who got caught the night Sofia was born similarly reflects her desire to look on the brighter side of things. She needs this positive attitude to craft positive family stories out of unfortunate events.

Sofia admitted to possession of the drugs and was punished with a year in the Dominican Republic rather than American boarding school. After six months, she had changed her appearance and wore her hair and makeup with way Dominican women did. She had also started dating her uncle's illegitimate son, Manuel, who turned out to be bossy and possessive. When they went to the Island for Christmas, the three other sisters felt outraged by his sexist and provincial Dominican attitudes toward women and tried to humiliate him by drawing on their American feminism. They ridiculed his ignorance of Mary Wollstonecraft while making fun of his macho insecurities.

Manuel pressured Sofia to have sex, but she resisted because she could not access contraception while in the Dominican Republic without causing a family scandal. One night while out on the town, their cousin Mundin brought the three sisters to a sleazy motel to show them
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