Garden City Colleges Should Ban Plastic Bottles

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Garden City Collegiate should ban plastic bottles. It can trash the environment if not recycled properly. Also Plastic bottles can be a waste of resources. Lastly I think we should use more durable containers such as a thermos. That’s why I think we should ban plastic bottles in Garden City Collegiate.
There are so many reasons why and how plastic bottles can be bad for the environment. I couldn’t find a statistic about water bottle litter but I mean if you go outside your house you’d probably see a water bottles everywhere. Especially in our bodies of water. There’s a “Great Pacific Garbage patch” that is bits and pieces of plastic from all sorts of products that just floats in the Ocean’s because of people not disposing of these plastics
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Approximately 1 of 5 plastic bottles get recycled… 17 million barrels of oil is used to produce plastic bottles for a year in the US alone. They also need to be transported which adds to the pollution and global warming. Apparently 80% of the plastic bottles that was thrown to recycling are shipped to another country to dump or do our recycling for which also uses transportation. That is why Plastic bottles are a waste of resources. Finally, we should use other containers such as a thermos or the other more durable bottles to use to drink from. We should also add more water fountains to refill these containers so we would be more convinced on using an actual container instead of buying Plastic water bottles. This is also a good thing because so we don’t have to waste money on water like buying water from the store. Which saves our money and resources. That is why we should use Water containers instead of buying water bottles. That’s is why I think we should ban plastic water bottles in Garden City. It is bad for the environment. Plastic bottles are a waste of resources. Finally, we should use other water containers to avoid buying water bottles. Maybe in the next years we should actually take action against water bottles. Will you be on our side of the fence? Sincerely, Josh
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