Garden City Michigan Research Paper

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Historically Bucklin, Township Michigan is now known as garden city Michigan. In January13, 1927began a new error with policing this plays a huge role in society. Today policing has changed tremendously by providing high levels of service for our customers within the community. Today there are so many major issues that affect this police agency which is budget cuts, staffing and resources and laying police officers off, staffing and resources.
In 1927 garden city Michigan was a fully fledged city, with a population of 2000 citizens.1927-1932 Garden city was policed by Paul Lance and Ollie Campbell who acted as law enforcement officers. Arthur Nagle was appointed as chief of police and served as the head of the police department, which were volunteers in those days. In 1941 Joe Lascene was appointed to the department, by the time Lascene left the department there was chief of police and seven fulltime officers on payroll in 1948. The police and
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These services consisted of changing from four shifts to three shifts; this was to put more men on patrol in the streets at all times. In 1965 they started a new cadet program, were they used cadets for desk duties instead having their officers doing desk work. Years later, there were a lot of physical changes taking place at garden city police department. The members of the department became sick and tired of dilapidated and decrepit old D.P.W barn, which was very old and out dated that, was behind the police station. The department obtained permission from the city fathers to tear down the barn and received a loan from the water broad to construct a new combination of a garage and dog pound. This was completely accomplished through the efforts and talent of the members of the police department. They saved $24,000 which was estimated if they had used a
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