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| | |The Garden Depot | |Customer Dissatisfaction Analysis | | Executive Summary Overview The Garden Depot (The Depot), a large retail store specializing in the garden and lawn services, is experiencing issues that are effecting its customer satisfaction. Janice Bowman, office manager at The Depot, is frustrated with the high…show more content…
Despite considerable success in the industry, critical issues in the company begin to arise and as a result business deteriorates. At the crux of the situation is office manager Janice Bowman. She finds herself in a position to do tasks for individuals that are outside of her job responsibilities. These individuals are inexperienced such as part-time students or low qualified employees such as landscaping division manager, Derek Sinclair. Poor team work between Sinclair and Bowman, lead to work orders being postponed months in the future and customer complaints accumulate. Nevertheless, the company has a strong twenty year background in its field. If issues, which will be discussed in this case analysis, are fixed then the company will continue to thrive in the gardening and lawn care market. Problems In the case, Bowman reveals that customer dissatisfaction is becoming a prevalent issue for the company. Customers are filing complaints and making angry phone calls with regards to a steady decline in their job satisfaction. In the case, it is mentioned that Sinclair ignores these complaint related calls and this adds to the customers’ frustration. Jobs are being postponed months into the future and invoices are being billed incorrectly. Bowman handles as many complaints as she can, however, she cannot find the time between dealing with her own responsibilities. Inventory mismanagement is another acute problem for the

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