Garden Of The Gods : A State Park

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Garden of the Gods is a state park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My children asked me how it came by its name and for any of you who may not understand the reasoning behind its uncommon name, I will explain. The Garden of the Gods consists of rock formations that are stunningly beautiful and graceful against the deep Colorado blue sky. If you picture the Garden of the Gods from the sky, such as how a god would see it from the heavens you will begin to understand why it is called by its unique name. The garden has countless trails through the rocks with panoramic views of breathtakingly beautiful scenery. You can walk through the rocks, on trails the park has marked out for you all year round. The trails go for miles and miles through the historic garden while some extend out to a green valley of grass that offers shade trees and endless dirt paths. This valley is off to one side of the rock formations so it offers a view of each rock separately. The park offers guided horseback rides where anyone from a novice to an accomplished rider can enjoy the park 's views and a slightly faster pace. Trained guides offer not only the phenomenal tour of the state park, but also insightful historic information that any tourist will find interesting. In addition to walking trails and horseback riding, the park is a dreamland for rock climbers. With easy starter rocks that even a child can climb, it is outdoor fun for the whole family. There are also rocks towering over the park that

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