Garden of Love

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In the poem “The Garden of Love”, which has a figurative meaning, the writer makes a contrast of the experience of his childhood with that of his adult life. Which techniques does he use to achieve this objective? In the collection A Choice of Poets, the author, William Blake expresses his feelings about his childhood compared to his adulthood in the poem “The Garden of Love”. The disappointment of the poet is a dominant tone in this piece of literature. The poet used figurative language to bring his point across. Blake uses the first person technique to speak directly to the reader about his dreadful experience as an adult. He also uses this technique to talk about the old days. This shows that he speaks from his experience.…show more content…
Disappointed, the poet decided to turn to another part of his internal Garden of Love where flowers once were. There, he hopes to feel a sense of happiness again. The poet uses a symbol of flowers to represent joy, a feeling that he once felt in his youth. “… I turned to the Garden of Love That so many sweet flowers bore.” In the last stanza of the poem, it seems as if all hope of happiness is lost for the poet. This happens when he got to the other part of the garden; it was filled with graves in a graveyard. These graves symbolize the disappointment that Blake felt as an adult. In the same place where innocence has bared its roots was the graveyard. This change highlights the theme: adults perceive the world differently from children. His dreams that were once flourished full of imagination lay now under the weight of sadness and strict laws of society. The feeling of discontent arises because he wanted to obtain a sense of alleviation, but instead reality struck him. Also on the graves were tombstones which replaced the flowers. These represent death, surely as opposed to happiness. There were priests walking around in the poem, “And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds”, which symbolizes politics and those who enforce the law of religion. He feels all his childhood freedom and joy were taken away. This is depicted by the use of briars
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