Gardenia Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary 5

Company Introduction 5

Gardenia’s Mission Statement 6

Marketing Objectives 6

Qualitative Objectives 6

Quantitative Objectives 6

Market Overview 7

Market Structure 7

Market Potential 7

Market Size 9

Marco Environment 10

Demographic 10

Economics 10

Socio-cultural 11

Micro Environment 11

Marketing Intermediates 11

Media 11

Competitors 12

FairPrice 12

SunShine 13

Internal SWOT Analysis 14

Gardenia 14

Strengths 15

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There are 79 vending machines located at residential areas and school in Singapore currently.”

Gardenia is still having a very healthy reserve revenue of SG$19.5millions for the financial year 2009 compared to SG$15.4 million in 2008. This allowed Gardenia to continue operating with stability in the bakery market

Gardenia’s Mission Statement

QAF is the parent company of Gardenia and its mission is to be the leading importer and distributor of a wide range of international food brands. We are committed to enhancing shareholder value by strengthening our market position, expanding our operations and distribution networks, providing consumers with quality healthy food options, and developing strategic core businesses.

Marketing Objectives

Our group’s goal is to make wholemeal bread become a staple food by turning it from a want into a need by consumers. Therefore the company plans to,

Qualitative Objectives

Encourage young adults to not skip breakfast and that having a nutritious breakfast improves their well-being. Choosing our wholemeal bread gives them extra perks.

Instill deeper brand recognition in such that consumers are subconsciously aware of our brand when using our product.

Quantitative Objectives

Convert non-wholemeal bread consumers, specifically white bread consumers to wholemeal bread consumers with a 20% increase in
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