Gardner Theory Of Multiple Intelligence

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Professor Howard Gardner, from Harvard University, proposed the theory of Multiple Intelligence. According to him have eight kinds of intelligences in different degrees which are Musical intelligence, Logical intelligence, Linguistic intelligence, Bodily- kina esthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and Naturalistic intelligence. It is not necessary that any person who possess certain level in one Intelligence will be able to demonstrate the same level of expertise in the other Intelligences (Gardner 2006b). For example one person may have high degree of Musical Intelligence but that does not mean he is
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One may have high degree of logical intelligence and less spatial intelligence. It may not work teaching him using graphs, images and videos which might be successful for other person. Things can be taught and expressed in more than one way. (Nolen 2003) observed that if a teacher refine his teaching, keeping in mind the strengths of the students, it optimize learning of students.

3. Practical learning
Gardner argues that acquiring knowledge is a dynamic process and knowledge keeps on changing over the period of time. In our education system children are being taught too much of information but at the end they forget a larger part of that when they leave. He advises that schools need to focus on practical learning.

Children should be taught to focus on practical aspects of the concepts and think scientifically. Students should learn by performing practical, understanding what hypothesis is and how to test them and observe. By doing this they will learn deeply and concept will be much clear to them.

4. Active Engagement

Gardner stress on active engagement of student in their learning process. Like, when studying some concept they should see the practical aspects of the concept in real life. Students should be active in thinking how to do things, how to mould
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