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Running head: GARDNER AND ZIGLER 1 Gardner and Zigler Steven J. Karaiskos Northcentral University 5101-8 Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology Alycia Harris March 02, 2013 GARDNER AND ZIGLER Gardner and Zigler 2 Howard Gardner and Edward Zigler are two influential psychologists who have altered the profession of psychology as well as provided new direction in such areas as early childhood development, education and even politics. Each, through their personal and professional paths, helped to establish a new foundation on which psychology stands today. Howard Gardner did not believe that psychology was going to be his profession. He considered becoming a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher (Gardner, 2003, p.79). His…show more content…
277-278). Zigler’s focus, throughout his career, was to apply science to push forward his work in early childhood education. Gardner and Zigler both were presented with obstacles to their work. Each tried to push the boundaries of the current work and established studies of their time. Both Gardner and Zigler choose to step away from academia for a period of time. Colleagues and the traditional scientific establishments questioned their commitment to their work as a psychologist. This did not deter either Gardner or Zigler and they actively ventured into areas such as education and the politics of Washington D.C. Gardner and Zigler were willing to confront the established core of the field and establish that the study and application of psychology was not just for scientific purposes but it had applicable uses across our society. Each chose to examine the whole child or whole individual in their work. Gardner, in particular, chose to include artistic and creative elements in the scientific study of the mind. Zigler, in his own way, helped to reshape the perception of society to those individuals with mental retardation. Gardner and Zigler each helped mold the new idea that children (as well as human beings) were individuals with

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