Garnier Fructis Case Study

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Garnier Fructis Marketing Communication Strategy Introduced in 2003, Garnier Fructis was L’Oreal’s answer to major competitors such as Unilever and P&G’s mass-market products. Garnier Fructis entered the hair care market with its sleek and bright green bottles of extra creamy shampoo that smelled like fruits and was infused with natural ingredients. With its salon-inspired line of shampoos that ranged from dandruff control to color protection, Garnier Fructis’ objective was to capture market share in a wide range of benefit-oriented segments of the hair care market. Garnier Fructis offered consumers affordable but sophisticated hair care products that promised to deliver on a range of needs. Garnier Fructis promoted its hair care products …show more content…
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Advertising Media Garnier started out less than a decade ago in a market full of competitors and had the task to appeal to consumers who were inundated with choices. Garnier’s success rested in its ability to successfully transmit the unique qualities of its products and create long lasting values for its products in the consumers’ minds. All mediums of advertising, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet have been used to appeal to its target market. Garnier’s television ads feature youthful models with healthy hair holding the products in front of the camera. Key words that promote the product’s qualities and unique features are stressed in the narration. For example, the color-shield shampoo’s television commercial starts off with a pretty young girl sulking over her color being washed out by an ordinary shampoo. Then Garnier’s color-shield shampoo is shown with its acai berry and grape seed extract infused formula offering moisture and color protection. The commercial also features men, hinting at the product’s compatibility for both men and women’s hair. Garnier commercials follow the same formula. A problem is presented and Garnier comes to the rescue. Besides the storyline, one unifying theme in Garnier commercials is its use of the color green. Garnier Fructis shampoos are all packaged in a bright green bottle except the color-shield (pomegranate), and

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