Gary Gilmore's Behavior Explained

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Opinion Paper 3 I believe that it is obvious that Gary Gilmore’s behavior is best explained by Hirshi and Gottfredson’s General Theory of Crime. There are several facts about Gary Gilmore’s life that fall under the trends described in the General Theory of Crime. One fact includes Gary having a very hard childhood where his dad would beat him and his mom. Another fact about Gary was that he had low-self control and acted impulsively. He would commit several crimes randomly and excessively. These are only two of the common symptoms Gary has that are found in all criminals according to the General Theory of Crime. Hirshi and Gottfredson explain in their theory that self-control is a major attribute that factors into the
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Hirshi and Gottfredson also say that criminals have disciplinary problems during childhood, i.e. Gary’s father. That is one distinct trait Gary possesses. Hirshi and Gottfredson also say that the traits a criminal has during adolescence and adulthood include: analogous behaviors such as drinking, doing drugs, and promiscuity, and poor social outcome such as a bad education, bad relationships, and difficulty with jobs. Gary once again possesses all of those characteristics. Despite the fact that Gary had a high IQ and an affinity for drawing, he couldn’t succeed more socially. He frequently skipped school at age 12 to go drinking and dropped out of school at age 14. Because of Gary’s impulsiveness, he spent most of his life in jail. His offenses ranged from murder to con scams. Gary killed people he didn’t know at all for what would seem like no reason. All of the offenses ended in Gary being sentenced to the death penalty. Because of Gary’s impulsiveness and lack of self-control, Hirshi and Gottfredson’s General Theory of Crime is most appropriate. Gary shows the characteristics of a criminal according to Hirshi and Gottfredson also impulsiveness and a bad temper. Because of his abusive father and awful childhood, Gary attained an unconceivable low amount of self-control. Gary suffers the characteristics of a criminal unmistakably and obviously. It is because of Gary’s self-control and criminal characteristics that makes
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