Gary Leon Ridgeway

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Gary Leon Ridgway was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and after a string of killings that extended roughly 20 years he was dubbed, by local police, as the Green River Killer. He had admitted to killing over 90 prostitutes and had “lost count because it was so many”. Despite his IQ of 82, he had this serial killing down to a science and evaded police for quite sometime before a DNA test eventually convicted him of a murder and tied him to the whole string of murders that he had committed over the past decade. One has to ask themselves, “What makes a person such a monster?”, in this paper I will attempt to explain what may or may not have contributed to these horrific murders. However it is important to keep in mind that these are theories and…show more content…
Seems like an odd time to find god to me. Enuresis is defined as frequent bed wetting well past the age of 5 years old. As stated above clearly Ridgway suffered from this aliment, also it was reported that because of his mothers annoyance with the behavior she tormented him. Due to this fact, he clearly harbored resentment of his mother. He also reported to have some amount of sexual attraction to his mother, which is a clear indicator of much deeper seeded emotional problems. I also believe due to lack of apparent intelligence Ridgway from early in his life suffered being looked down upon because of his apparent lack of intellect. The Labeling Theory applies in this case, when Ridgeway was 16 years of age he stabbed a 6 year old and left him for dead. Deep seeded emotional problems contributed to the anger Ridgeway felt toward his victims, although later in his years his targeted victim group were prostitutes alone. Last but not least, clearly Ridgway is defined as a psychopath; he cared little for the well being of others, least of all the prostitute victims. Granted it is a norm in society for people to look down upon prostitutes, however not to the degree of their lives being equated to nothing as Ridgway would believe. Also I find it odd that a man that would frequent prostitutes and sink to the level of engaging them for their services, would take such a hostile stance to them as people, enough to drive him to kill. I believe Ridgway selected

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