Gary Ridgway 's The Green River Killer

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The infamous “Green River Killer” otherwise known as Gary Ridgway was one of the more interesting cases that I had come across while researching criminals to choose as a topic, mainly because there was so much media coverage regarding this case. Gary was convicted of killing at least forty eight plus people, and had confessed to killing more than seventy people; I can only really wonder what could cause him to commit such atrocious crimes, which is what led me to choosing him as my topic of interest for this paper. I will be covering everything from his early life all the way to where he is now and everything in-between, all leading up to my theories on how he became infamously known as “The Green River Killer.” On the date of February 18, 1949, Gary Leon Ridgway was brought into this world by parents Mary Ridgway and Tom Ridgway in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. He was raised in Seattle, Washington along with his two brothers, one older and one younger. Growing up Gary had a very troubled childhood, his mother being a prominent figure in this regard. Mary was well-known in their household for being very domineering, frequently humiliating Gary in front of his brothers for his recurrent bed-wetting that continued on until he was thirteen years of age. Her cruelty doesn’t end with his constant humiliation, she would also talk to him at length about a multitude of sexual topics ranging from describing herself as dressing in a sexually suggestive way to telling him about

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