Gary Tyler 's The Lead Singer Of Aerosmith Essay

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While recovering from a career of substance abuse, the life surrounding an addict frequently crumbles beneath his feet. In the midst of his advancement through the climax of his career, a famous musician fell victim to the lust of narcotics and longing for his band’s performances as well as the band itself. This scenario arose on a worldwide stage for Steven Tyler, who first stepped into the spotlight with rock and roll hall of fame band Aerosmith, in 1970. Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, recorded his first solo song, “Love Lives”, divulging his jaded emotions of losing his band, wife, and essentially, soul during the early stages of his now historic career. Tyler encapsulated rhetoric to efficiently describe his sense of loss.Intentionally, not only does Tyler’s tune consist of the underlying regrets in his heart, it also contains a simplistic plotline for less conflicted listeners. Although Tyler’s song appears to be just another cliche love song, the ballad capitalizes on parallelism, nostalgic imagery and diction, and ambiguity to expose the tremendous loss he suffered as a result of his career crippling drug addiction and the overwhelming success that emerged from the ashes of his past. Reminiscent upon his history, Tyler begins his recollection with parallelism. Tyler experiments with parallelism in his lyrics to create rhythm and flow between verses and phrases. A melodic pattern resonates through Tyler’s manipulation of comparing and contrasting

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