Gary the Glitch Man

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Gary Gamester is an average suburban teenage boy who spends most of his free time playing video games. He is often bullied by his peers at high school for being socially awkward. He has a crush on a girl there named Mary Mackler, who he feels is destined to be with him. He keeps trying to win her heart, but always fails every time.

One day, Gary decides that he wants to purchase a new game, but he already owns every big-name game currently being sold at his local game shop. He then decides to check the downtown game shops he never visits to see if they carry any obscure games he doesn't already own. After a long, desperate search, he still finds nothing new or interesting. Disappointed, he prepares to go home empty-handed, just before he checks the last shop he just noticed. Upon entering the shop, he could feel that something wasn't quite right, but he was very eager to get a game by this point, so he ignored the feeling. He approaches the counter and asks the clerk if he has any recommendations for him. The clerk immediately reveals a game titled 'The Glitch Game' and claims it's the best game no one knows about. Gary cautiously perks up and asks for the price, not allowing himself to get too excited yet, since he only has a small amount of money on him. The clerk responds by saying that he's been trying his hardest to get rid of this game, so for him, it's free. Gary then reluctantly accepts the game and heads home, excited to play it, completely
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