Garza, Harriet Mandela, And Harriet Tubman And The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Have you ever seen someone’s freedom taken from them? Have you ever seen discrimination right in front of your eyes? Well, Alicia Garza, Nelson Mandela, and Harriet Tubman all experienced these issues first hand and decided to enact change. Alicia Garza started the Black Lives Matter movement to help abolish racial inequality, Harriet Tubman brought hope to other slaves as she started the underground railroad and helped slaves escape, and Nelson Mandela fought against apartheid and for freedom. All three of these individuals helped to enact change by supporting movements that would help eliminate racial inequality, while also supporting freedom. To start, Harriet Tubman made change by helping slaves to escape, and bringing hope and joy to the slaves. In the text it says, “The years prior to the Civil War were especially perilous for escaped slaves, but Harriet Tubman returned again and again to the South to help fugitive slaves gain freedom” (Petry Introduction). Harriet always had a feeling that she needed to help others, which is why she risked her lives for the sake of others. The text also states, “Ben knew about rivers and creeks and swampy places. He said that the salt water from the Bay reached into the rivers and streams for long distances” (Petry 10). Harriet’s desire for freedom outweighed any possible consequences, and she wanted the other slaves to enjoy it with her. Lastly, the text says, “... she heard the furious galloping of horses… She could not remember

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