Gas Chromatography And Petroleum Industry

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Gas chromatography in petroleum industry Its became a vital analytical tool in virtually every part of the petroleum industry, from finding crude oil to research in new petrochemicals, due to the various types of samples, chemists within the petroleum industry use gas chromatographic methods. Petroleum analysis makes special use of columns for gas chromatography, with industries expecting continues development of columns for high analytical performances and efficiency. GC Analysis of petroleum products In America, testing gas chromatography method for petroleum distillations have a boiling range of 174 degrees to 700 degrees Celsius when using gas chromatography it increases the boiling point. It provides a good understanding for manufactures for stock and products which are related to petroleum refining when determining the boiling range distribution of a distillate fraction. A technique known as simulated distillation is used in which Gas Chromatography is merged with standards of alkane which is published to boiling parts that perform a direct comparison to the boiling parts of the sample components. To calibrate the Gas chromatography system Polyethylene standards is used such as Polywax® 1000 or Polywax® 655, these consist of an even number of hydrocarbons between C20 & C100. The moment that the alkanes are calibrated against the distributed boiling points, and the analysis of the molecular weight fractions are matched using a software. To minimize the injector
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