Gas Lighting In The Industrial Revolution

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In the industrial revolution Gas lighting was one of the most helpful thing that was ever invented, the person that invented gas lighting was The Scottish inventor William Murdock he first invented gas lighting in his hometown in england in 1792 then he installed gas lighting in an English factory in 1798 but by that time the streets of London, Paris, Baltimore, and the united states were lit with gas lights.
Gas lighting had many positives like it provided more light at night for people to see better around the streets, homes, workplaces and also schools. This invention pushed change and new inventions. As the first gas light bulb was created, inventors pushed to create similar/new products.and gaslight technology spread quickly until a few years later Thomas Edison invented the first electric light that is still used today.
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Gas Lighting also has negatives like when Gas light was first invented it was expensive only The wealthy could afford oil lamps in their homes, but the poor had to use candles In Conclusion gas lighting has helped the industrial revolution for many years and it made a difference in the world because for thousands of years the world lived in the dark but thanks to William Murdock for inventing light that works with
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