Gas Prices Argumentative Essay

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In the recent news headlines, the oil crisis and the plummeting gas prices have caused a concern among many. The topic of the oil industry and gas prices are such a controversial matter that has been debated for years on what should be done. On a positive note if gas prices continue to drop, those that do not work in the oil industry will be pleased with this result. With the gas prices dropping to a significant low in the past couple of years, President Obama feels as though he needs to improve this situation. Even though, it is an upside for many, thousands of people see the harmful effects that this can do to you and your family. Often times the workers are being laid off because the company’s budget only allows for so many workers. This…show more content…
The tax on oil will be paid by American consumers in the shape of higher gasoline prices and costlier air tickets. Also the price will increase on consumer products delivered by truck, air and rail. Due to the proposed taxing on oil it may also destroy thousands of jobs. The companies would be affected positively because they are not the ones having to pay a tax on oil. Although, they may lose workers due to the taxation on oil and not having enough revenue because gas prices will continue to plummet costing the jobs of thousands, while it may be a plus for those at the pump. By implementing taxes on oil consumers will no longer be happy with gasoline prices. High gas prices will cause consumers to travel less for the reason that they are paying more for gas and having to fill up quicker than normal. The huge impact that it will have on the society affects so many people in different ways. The prices for oil, gas, food, and many other things will rise and be affected due to the taxation. The consumer will be greatly affected for the reason that they will have to pay the tax on oil. Although, the taxation on oil will drive prices and create unemployment for some the clean transportation system takes care of that. The…show more content…
In turn this will cause their economy to suffer greatly, which will affect the jobs they hold. In America the economy will not be affected as much since the clean transportation system will improve carbon emissions and create jobs. Since, other countries are only getting the taxation on oil and not the transportation system it won’t benefit them as much. The tax would also put American oil and refined products at a steep competitive disadvantage versus foreign producers like Saudi Arabia, Russia and
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