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Gas Range Info - Selecting a Gas Range SizeSelecting a Gas
Natural gas cooking equipment comes in many sizes and configurations. Think about how you are planning on using your kitchen. Will you need two ovens, or will one oven along with a microwave be enough? What sorts of foods does your family usually eat and how is it going to be prepared? Do you entertain often in the kitchen area? It is common for more than one person use the range or oven at the same time? The answers to these questions will help you determine which combination of equipment is best suited to your lifestyle.
Next decide where the cooking equipment will go. What size should it be? Later we will discuss the various size options available and that should help you make a good fit. The most common size is the familiar free-standing range, which consists of cooktop and an oven.
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Most free-standing ranges are 30 inches wide, but models in 40-inch, 36-inch, 24-inch and 20-inch widths are available. Drop-in or slide-in models are commonly 30 inches wide, but are available in other widths as well.
Cooktops come in 30-inch and 36-inch widths, while wall mounted ovens are 24, 27 or 30-inches wide. The height of a wall oven is determined by whether the unit is a single or double oven. Commercial-style ranges come in widths ranging from 30 to 60 inches and can vary in height.
There are some models that have a second oven or a even microwave above the cooking area and these need more vertical space for installation. Be sure to consider the where the exhaust system of the cooking equipment will go. If you are purchasing a new house, make sure the builders have a gas line available for the range. You also may want to consider upgrading from the standard model the builder usually installs to get some of the key features you are most interested
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