Gascoigne Literary Devices

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In For That He Looked Not upon Her, George Gascoigne uses several literary devices to bring his poem together in a way that makes the point of it clear. He also uses these devices to show the deeper meaning behind his words. Of many, three of the devices used prominently throughout his work is form, diction, and imagery. All pulled together the author is able to clearly portray a betrayed tone towards the subject of the poem. An example of the diction in his writing is use of word such as blazing, flame, fire, and scorched. These words often have a negative connotation as they’re ones that often mean danger or something one should be cautious of or stay away from all together. By saying the subject of the poem has “blazing eyes”, for example, Gascoigne makes it clear that this person is harmful and either will, or has caused some sort of damage. Words such as trustless, doubt, deceit are also ones that have a negative connotation and are used to show the relationship between the examples used. All together this shows that the relationship at hand is meant to have the same connotation and is being portrayed in a negative light. Continuing with diction, by using phrases such as “trustless bait” and “dazzled by desire”, the author is saying that above only being something cruel, all of these things are ones that at first appear alluring. By inserting vague words like hardly and seldom, he says that while it’s most often one
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