Gastroenterology: A Short Story

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“MOMMY! MAWWWMMY!” the little girl dressed like a princess shouted. “What? Whaaat?” The mother asked, glaring at a little computer screen.“I’m going to be a ballerina, pegasus, princess when I grow up,” the little one proclaimed proudly. “That’s great sweetie,” mom said cheerfully while turning to see her little peanut twirl and lose her balance. “SEE!” She squeaked stumbling to the side a bit and flashing the biggest, tiny smile. Mom clapped encouragingly. Almost every little girl or boy dreams of being a hair stylist, ballerina, football player, firefighter, veterinarian you name it, but not every tiny tike dreams of being a gastroenterologist. To be honest, neither did I. At least not until I was a tiny tot plus about twelve years. My gastroenterologist dream didn’t begin until the beginning of my sophomore year. That year struck me hard and not just the year, but Cryptosporidium did too. Cryptic-spores-on-who-now? When did Crepes-spout-over-chores? No no no, Cryptosporidium is correct. It's actually a little…show more content…
After feeling so helpless and gross from hosting microscopic worms inside of me, I realized that I need to step it up and just become a gastroenterologist. I found that they help people with problems just like mine and worse. It sounds like the dream job for me oddly enough. Finding a problem in a biohazard labeled stool sample would just make me feel like a real Pooper-Hero every day of my life. The same thing goes for other fun activities like colonoscopies, looking at people’s large intestine or colon, and perhaps even performing a cecostomy which is the removal of fecal matter through a surgical procedure, normally, used for children with severe disorders that block them from having correct bowel movements. As a gastroenterologist, I could help plenty of people with digestive problems just like
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