Gatby And The Great Gatsby

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The reality of today is rumors. Rumors are becoming more prominent in the form of fake news. It is becoming hard to tell the difference between the fake news, information and the reality of what is actually happening in the world. Also, on social media when teenagers post something about somebody else for retaliation people start talking and the more people talk about that fake information it is believed to be true. Just like in The Great Gatsby with the main character, Jay Gatsby. Everyone in New York believes Gatsby is a myth and believes all these crazy rumors about him. For example, he killed a man. In Of Mice and Men, everyone on the ranch believes that Curley’s wife is a tart when in reality she is just very lonely. Fitzgerald and Steinbeck use the characters Gatsby from The Great Gatsby and Curley’s wife from Of Mice and Men to show that rumors aren’t always reality. Throughout the book Fitzgerald is constantly reiterating the rumors about Gatsby until he has Gatsby tell his true life story to another character, Nick Carraway. Gatsby wasn’t introduced in the book until his party in chapter three when Nick was the first person to be formally invited to his party. Nick was hearing all these rumors about Gatsby, all he wanted to do was put a face with the rumors, by the end of the party he did. All people know about Gatsby is gossip. He was a myth all he did was throw enormous parties based on the hopes that his long lost love would attend one. The people who attend
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