Gatekeepers' Pros and Cons Essay

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A gatekeeper is a primary care provider who acts as an agent for patients. They coordinate medical care so that patient receives appropriate services and also provide referrals to specialists. Typically, primary care physicians include family practitioner, generalist physician and pediatrician. Ideally, gatekeepers are much like family doctors, they focus on the health of the person as a whole instead of a single organ. They help emphasize prevention care and establish appropriate health screening based on the patient. On the hand, there are concerns that the system of gatekeeping makes urgent care inconvenient. The pros and cons surrounding the system of gatekeeping really question its effectiveness. On the other hand, no system is…show more content…
Having a primary care provider not only gives you a personal health care organizer but it also reduces your health care cost. According to a research at the University of Missouri, 90 percent of patient’s medical needs can be met by primary care providers in an outpatient setting. Going to a specialist with an issue that you might be uncertain of can be expensive. First of all, the specialist might not have your medical record. The specialist may have no idea about your past medical history, physical examination report and social and family report. This increases your chance of doing screenings that you’ve done in the past which results in unnecessary cost. Instead of blindly going to a specialist, your PCP can make initial diagnoses and decide whether he/she can take care of you at their office or need to refer you to a specialist. PCPs also obtains most of your medical record, they are aware of your circumstances and can help you prevent an illness before it happens. According to doctor McDoniel from Palos Medical Group, “The time, money and amount of medicine needed to treat high blood pressure are a lot less than it is to treat a heart attack.” Having an organized health care plan can eliminate unnecessary costs and increase preventive treatments. Ideally, primary care providers are supposed to look out for your best interest and arrange all your health care needs. In reality, you might be unsatisfied with your PCP, and want to
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