Gatekeeping Research Paper

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Gatekeeping is a straightforward and efficient measure to contain costs by reducing the volume of unnecessary interventions. Essentially, the gatekeeper will act as a representative of support for the patient. HMOs focus on preventive care and the implementation of utilization management controls. Primary level healthcare, related tests, and diagnosis are on average less expensive than secondary and specialty care services. GPs are more informative to where and how to seek a specialist, so it ultimately reduces the patient searching for an adequate and a cogitative secondary care provider.
Ideally, HMOs charge lower premiums, copays, deductibles and manage care and costs for the enrollees. "Through prepayment, HMOs work within a finite budget, review utilization, allocate resources rationally, and thus contain costs" (, 2001). HMOs rely on capitation which is a prepaid, fixed amount, usually
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The healthcare system should provide quality and efficiency services with high quality to all citizens regardless of the premium that the contribute. Better wellness, preventative and value-based insurance benefits will allow a healthier population to exist for our nation. Technology is the key to a healthy heath care system. A successful system will ultimately consist of patient satisfaction, healthcare outcomes, and financial sustainability. However, a quality system will address quality through provider selection, internal peer review, and external accreditation for my ideal health care system. Finally, I think technology through EHRs will be the ultimate key to the excellent health care. Technology empowers people with material to make the best decisions. In health care, giving patients, doctors, insurance companies and the government the means to run a more efficient, quality driven, evidence-based system of
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