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Gates Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and served as its Chief Executive Officer form the time the original partnership was incorporated in 1981 until January 2000. Then he resigned as Chief Executive Officer and took on the position of Chief Software Architect. Mr. Gates has served as Chairman of the Board since the company’s incorporation. Bill Gates is recognized as the youngest self-made billionaire in history. His windows operating system, runs the vast majority of personal computers throughout the United States. It is obvious that it takes a certain type of person to successfully create and maintain such a profitable organization. However, when closely examined, Gates’ leadership characteristics are somewhat surprising. …show more content…
Perhaps the most extreme example of this is within the Microsoft camp were the so-called Bill Clones, extremely brilliant, young, and recent college graduates, who were hired as managers. So strong was the admiration of Gates that these young men began to emulate their leader in almost every way. Jeff Raikes soon had the patented Gates mannerisms down pat. Raikes was quickly named Clone Number One in Microsoft circles. A Stanford MBA, Raikes had migrated from Cupertino, where he had headed up the software effort on the ill-fated Apple III and had gained a reputation as a firefighter for taking on tough software assignments.

Gates uses extraordinary discretion when hiring applicants to work for Microsoft. He wants to ensure that every single person shares the same prospectus for the corporation, yet in their own way, have personal beliefs that they are willing to stubbornly stick to. His aim is not to create clones within the organization, but to stockpile it with as much imaginative genius has possible. It is only a credit to his charismatic qualities that such extremely bright people wish to emulate Gates in every way. Bill Gates is moody, and he is the first to admit it. Gates’ temperament can sometimes cause him to be an inefficient leader, especially when it affects his listening. One of Gates administrative assistants, Estelle Mathers, had this to say about the CEO’s personality. "Bill is moody. He told somebody once that

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