Gateway Counseling Center: A Case Study

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day 2 Today as soon as I came in I had already knew where to go. My routine is helping serve breakfast then to the first group session at 10 where we talked about mental health in which I showed Joe. He spoke about how medication in the past was mostly about shutting up clients versus really helping them. I really thought that this session was interested because I saw the truth in what he was saying because back in those days they did not engineer medication to help people but more like trying to keep them quiet. Joe also spoke about the psychoanalysis and I was really surprised to see how much the clients really knew about this. One specific client stood out the most because he spoke on the topic, it seem as if he was teaching us versus Joe teaching him. This specific client new so much and it turns out that he went to Lehman College. This was surprising to me because some of us are grown to think that people who are mentally ill come from no educational background and this is what I was expecting to see coming here at Gateway counseling center.…show more content…
Clients then talked about their experiences with having hallucinations. One client said he was looking through his window one day when he saw a man shooting bows and arrows in the crowds. He said he was scared at what he saw and cried when he saw it. I felt so sad for this individual. Others spoke about having spiritual guidance. Joe told me that if a client hallucination is not harming them or others it's not necessarily a bad thing. I agree to some extent. He went on to explain that if the voices is telling a client that they are beautiful, that they are loved, that they have a purpose for living, then it's not such a bad thing; versus voices that's telling them to throw themselves off of abuilding to hurt themselves or somebody
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