Gathering Blue-Lois Lowery

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Gathering Blue- Essay Plan
Joseph Stalin was a dictator who was responsible for massive crimes against humanity, and ruled a communist country. From 1924-1953, Joseph had killed over 20 million people during the Revolutionary regime. Joseph was part of a communist dictatorship. Communism is a system of organization where all economic activity is controlled by a single political party. Along with communism, comes dictatorship. This is the complete power or authority of a dictator. It is a form of government, mostly ruled by one upper class person. Throughout Gathering Blue, written by Lois Lowry and published in 2000, they lived in a community where freedom of speech was not accepted. The society Kira, her family and
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A communist dictatorship can have several impacts on the society and the people living within. As shown above, if you did not complete the task that you were assigned, you would be punished.
Second Body Paragraph Intro:
To continue, living in a dictator ship can be very difficult. You do not have freedom of speech, and everything that you do must be perfect, and approved by upper-class individuals.
Kira has always been an outcast from other people living in the village. She was born with a crooked leg, and during her childhood, became an orphan. The Council of Guardians sees their society as perfect, and does not allow imperfect individuals to stay living. Kira was supposed to get sent to the “Field of Leaving”, where people are left to die. However, they saw something that was useful in Kira, and decided to keep her living in housing of the Edifice. However, if Kira did not tell the Council, every single piece of conflict that went on with anyone in the village; she would be shunned or left in the Field of Leaving, to die.
“Remember that if conflict is not taken to the Council of Guardians and if there is a death. . . The causer-of-death must die” (17).
Kira may be killed if she does not return all of the conflict between her and the villagers to the Council of Guardians. This would affect her friends, family and evidently her future. Kira is a strong witted young girl, and does not always know what to do when she is left

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