Gathering Research Data

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Introduction Police officers are considered to be very decent individuals because they put their lives on the line day in and day out in efforts to protect and serve in the communities that they are assigned. They devote themselves to guarding and representing their community with the services they provide. Although they live as normal people, even outside of the uniform they are still held at a higher standard that other citizens. Many people may wonder what influences individuals to become police officers. What inspires the decisions made by men and women to put their lives on the line and take the step in becoming an officer of the law? This paper will examine the process of researching this information. Purpose of the Paper Police…show more content…
Qualitative versus Quantitative Research The different between qualitative and quantitative research is that qualitative research creates a hypothesis while quantitative research analyzes the hypotheses. (Hagan, 2010). Qualitative research usually depend on such methods as non-participant observation, participate observation, reflexive journals, field notes, unstructured interviews, structured interviews, semi-structured interviews and analysis of the material and documents, in regards to how the information is achieved. (Marshall, 2006). Consent and Confidentiality Confidentiality is very important in many different professionals. It is especially important in the criminal justice system. Police officer and even prospective officers may have sensitive information that should not be
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