Gatorade : A Product Line Based For Athletes

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Introduction Gatorade is a product line based for athletes. It manufactures sports themed beverages and food products to enhance performance in whichever sport of choice. The idea of Gatorade was come upon by a coach who was noticing his players being affected greatly by heat related illnesses, thus a team of researchers discovered key factors as to why these athletes were becoming ill, and later created what we now know as Gatorade. Gatorade has become one of the most popular sports drinks in America and a few other countries, and it continues to innovate and keep it’s popularity.

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to research and analyze the business and corporation of Gatorade. I will analyze gatorade, its affects on
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Cade went on to say that all of these conditions on their own are enough to incapacitate a player, so all of them together create a real problem. This data started off Cade and his team to find a remedy for these issues. One of their solutions was adding salt to their water to replace all the salt lost from sweating, and also enough sugar in order to keep their blood sugar up but not too much that would cause them to become sick. They began this study but found that it tasted too gross to drink. They began searching for a solution when Robert Cade’s wife suggested they try lemon to help the taste, and thus gatorade would be born. They continued tests on the team and found the players who were drinking it were performing and felt better than the players who had not. Eventually the coach of the football team asked for enough supply for the whole team to use for their next game. By 1966, Gatorade had become the staple for the Gators. Because the Gators season went so well, and brought them their first orange bowl victory, an interview with the head coach was held where he went on to speak about the drink and how much it had helped his team and the beneficial effects of it. This was where the product began to take off.

Growth of Gatorade and effects on Industry The Gator football team had won their first Orange Bowl against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in 1967, and the coach had credited Gatorade and how it had contributed

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