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How does one define what it means to leave a mark, let alone, leave a mark on the renowned University of Florida, a school with over 51,000 students? Robert Cade graduated from UF, became a professor in medicine and nephrology, and later invented Gatorade. HE left a mark. Lassie Goodbread-Black was the first girl admitted into UF in 1925. SHE left a mark. But what about the Gators whose names may not be known worldwide in the medical, business, or sports community? Does that mean that they are not worthy of being recognized for the mark they made on the Gator community? The Gator that shows up at every game, elaborately decorated in the sacred colors of orange and blue- HE has left a mark. The Gator you pass everyday on campus, that always shares a friendly smile- SHE has left a mark. Success is regretfully measured by the fame of the accomplishment. Instead, I measure success on the internal impacts I make in the hearts of those around me. If admitted into the University of Florida, I plan to do these three SPECIFIC things during my time on campus.…show more content…
I have danced every year of my life since. I am humbled to say, that through long days and nights in the studio, sacrificing time with my friends and family, all of the blood, sweat, and tears, I have accomplished what I have been working for since I was a little girl waddling around swallowed in a big pink tutu. I was chosen for the lead role of Cinderella in the Danscompany of Gainesville’s “Cinderella Ballet.” This accomplishment is a reflection of my consistent and sustained work ethic. This tenacity is reflected in other areas of my life and will be a defining characteristic that I carry to
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