Gatorade Lab Report

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The growth and survival of a plant depends on the reactions that occur internally called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a reaction that captures the sun’s energy and converts it, water, and carbon dioxide into glucose, with a byproduct of oxygen. Glucose is a sugar that provides energy to allow for a plant to grow and live. This experiment is to test how photosynthesis can be sped up with a home solution. The variable being changed in this experiment is the solution that the plant is being given. In this instance, some of the plants will be given Gatorade, rather than water. The question being asked is, How well will a solution found in the home affect plant growth?
My hypothesis is that, if a plant is given Gatorade instead of water, then it will grow more quickly than if the plant is just given water. This is because of the components of Gatorade. Gatorade contains water, a key component of plant growth. But, because Gatorade contains various vitamins, sugars, and electrolytes, the plant should already be supplied with some of the products of photosynthesis, so the plant should produce sugars at a normal rate, plus have the additional bonus from the Gatorade.

Four cups of equal size were filled with one cup of garden soil. Lima beans were planted at an equal depth (one inch as instructed on the bag). Every day, for 33 days, each plant received one half tablespoon of the specified liquid. Beans one and two got one half tablespoon of water each,
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