Gatsby As A Utopian Society Essay

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However, the same concept also proves true beyond America. As it symbolizes the death of an equal, Utopian American society, Gatsby’s death parallels the immediate setting descriptions in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne notes that, despite their original goals of a virtuous Utopia, the founders of the colony “invariably recognized it” as necessary to, first and foremost, “allot a portion of the virgin soil” for both a prison and a cemetery (Hawthorne, 39). This colony cannot be a Utopian society, because as Hawthorne illustrates, on the same page, it is a “practical necessity” to include the jailhouse and the burial ground. Though the colony Hawthorne depicts is Boston, Massachusetts, an American city, Boston is not the…show more content…
Continuing with his message, Lakey urges that ranking systems “can be changed and even disposed of,” once the people discard specified values--thus, by organizing against a principle or standard, the people can enhance equality’s presence in the community, even if the population can never truly achieve full equality. Similarly, throughout The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck encourages movement and unification against injustice. In Chapter 26, Willie Eaton discusses the immunity achieved by large numbers of like-minded people. “Think that little guy in the office is a-stoppin’ ‘em? No, sir… It’s ‘cause we’re a-workin’ together. Depity can’t pick on one fella in this camp. He’s pickin’ on the whole darn camp. An’ he don’t dare,” (Steinbeck, 394). The migrant workers can guarantee safety when they unite, similar to Jim Casy’s story, within Chapter 26, which concerns his time in jail. “One fella started yellin’, an’ nothin’ happened… Well, sir, then we all got yellin’... By God! Then somepin happened! They come a-runnin’, and they give us some other stuff to eat--give it to us,” (Steinbeck, 422). Thus, if the people unite, as Lakey and Steinbeck urge, the people can overcome the most basic forms of inequality. The pursuit of equality creates a worthwhile goal for communities--if individuals organize, systems and values can change. Therefore, while true equality is intangible and unachievable, it is still wise for individuals to seek equality and for communities to fight for

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