Gatsby Death Essay

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Murder-Suicide in West Egg
Man shoots down pool-lounging Millionaire before turning the gun on himself!

Millionaire Jay Gatsby was found dead, floating on a mattress in his pool yesterday. He was shot in West Egg, Long Island by George Wilson, a garage owner. Cops have confirmed that Nick, Gatsby’s close friend, was the first to find the body of Gatsby. His dead body was surrounded by a thin red circle of blood in the pool. Wilson had also shot himself after brutally murdering Gatsby and his body was found a little way off in the grass. The entire crime scene looked grotesque and repulsive with blood splattered everywhere.

It was learnt that Wilson had asked someone in West Egg on how to get to Gatsby’s house. This just increases the suspicion that Wilson deliberately killed Gatsby. But WHY??
Is definitely a million-dollar question.

Correlation between Gatsby’s and Myrtle’s death?
Wilson’s wife, Myrtle died a few days ago and this might have a connection with Gatsby’s death. Myrtle was hit by a yellow Rolls-Royce car and died on-the-spot in the valley of ashes. A yellow Rolls-Royce car was found in Gatsby’s garage with
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He supposedly received his education at Oxford University. Every Saturday, he used to hold extravagant parties with bright lights and loud music in his grand mansion. Some sources those who have been to Gatsby’s lavish parties claim that Gatsby had “killed a man once” and might have even been a “German spy during the war”. Some said that he grew up in Germany while others told our reporters that he “was in the American army”. He is kind of a mystery to others. Gatsby is “rarely seen talking to his visitors and maintains a distance with them”, said one of his partygoers. However, he has a close friend, Nick Carraway, who refused to reveal much about Gatsby. Is there anything that Nick is trying to hide away from the rest? And Gatsby remains to be a mysterious character to most
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