Gatsby and Daisy, Tom and Myrtle, and George and Gatsby’s Relationships in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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After Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom leave Tom’s house along with Nick and Jordan, they end up going to a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City (Fitzgerald 178). Tom starts arguing with Gatsby about Gatsby’s bad habit of calling everyone “old sport.” This leads to him accusing Gatsby of lying about Gatsby actually attending Oxford. Gatsby gives him permission to ask him any question he would like after he informs Tom that he went to Oxford for five months because he was in an army program. Tom, angry about Gatsby’s reaction, asks him about his feelings for Daisy. He then tells Tom that Daisy loves him and that she never really loved Tom. Tom throws up Gatsby bootlegging in Gatsby’s face. When Daisy realized that Tom had out bested Gatsby as she observed the two argue, she then starts feeling closer to Tom. During the process, Nick all of a sudden realized that it was his thirtieth birthday (Fitzgerald 180). Nick is a veteran of World War I who graduated at Yale University. His family is from the Midwest. His dad taught him when he was young that he should never judge others (Baker). Everyone eventually decided to leave and head back home with Gatsby and Daisy in the lead. On the drive home, Tom, Nick, and Jordan stop at the sight of the disturbing scene right along the valley that filled with ashes (Fitzgerald 186) A Greek man ran up and told them that someone got ran over very badly with a car. He then describes the woman out to be Myrtle Wilson. After the man explained that
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