Gatsby the Narcissist

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Gatsby throws parties. He hosts flamboyant galas with classy music and entertains thousands. He seems to enjoy the festivities, because his guests always return and he always welcomes his guests. On the surface he seems to be an outgoing fellow, appreciative of all the people in his life. But under this facade there is a more sinister aspect to Gatsby. Jay Gatsby is manipulating his milieu for the satisfaction of himself and does not care about others---in other words a narcissist. Jay Gatsby is a narcissist because of his relationship with Daisy, his manipulation of his milieu at his parties, his manner of speaking, and the little respect other people have for him. The first time that Daisy and Gatsby are alone his narcissistic…show more content…
Because Gatsby is standing alone, searching for the elusive Daisy, he is shown to not be content. He finds no joy in having all these people here if he cannot find his Daisy. He views Daisy as the person that will bring him to an even higher social class, because even though he is rich, he still remembers the social value Daisy encompasses because of her abundance of lovers. Ultimately he wants to swell his ego, to tame the wild beast, because Daisy wasn’t settled down before with any one man. Even though she is now married, he still views her with the same awe of when he first laid eyes on her at camp, even remarking that “‘Her voice is full of money’”(127) in reference to his percieved value of her when they first met. Quintessentially, Gatsby has narcissism flowing through his veins because he is attempting to recreate a past to soothe his remorse from when he initially left Daisy to fight in the war. The way he treats his milieu also exposes his narcissism. Although he regularly hosts gigantic parties in the hopes of attracting Daisy, he doesn’t treat any of the other individual guests with grace. People start streaming in early in the day and swim in his pool, and stay far past midnight, yet none of these patrons know who the mysterious Gatsby is. When Nick firsts encounters him,
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